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I wash everyday but your hair produces oil like if you dont bathe your hair gets greesy well if you stopped washing your hair it'd be really greesy for a while thatn if you washed it once after a while of not it would only get a little greesy and act as a natural shampoo. But b/c we shower so often it clogs up your pores or wutever releases the oils an it gets really greesy.

For months now, we've been hearing that the American automobile industry is on the brink of extinction. And to a point, that is absolutely true. If GM and Chrysler (and to a certain extent, Ford) don't turn themselves around somewhat quickly, they are likely to go bankrupt. Or worse yet, dissolved altogether.

Diet Mountain Dew has come a long way. While it doesn't taste exactly the same as regular Mountain Dew, it's still quite delicious. It's very sweet tasting, which is typical of Mountain Dew drinks. It's the type of drink that is perfect on a warm evening, but not a very good thirst quencher.

A person can spend a few hours online and find a chat room focused on pretty much any subject he could possibly imagine. He can also find rooms that are reserved for specific groups of people such as women over 40, bald men, and commercial actors. The development of chat rooms has made it possible for people to share ideas and get information from others all over the world who have similar experiences to themselves.

Vegenaise. Follow Your Heart, a company that produces vegan products, makes Vegenaise in Original, Reduced Fat, Grapeseed Oil, Organic and Soy Free versions. It also makes a half dozen flavored Vegenaise spreads. All Vegenaise products are gluten free, according to the company, which states that the enzymes used to produce the brown rice syrup in the products are considered gluten free (enzymes used to process brown rice often contain barley). In addition, the vinegar used is apple cider vinegar, according to the company.